Apple’s 2nd Gen AirPods Pro: A Closer Look at Innovative Features



Apple is set to unveil the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro, and while they may look similar, they bring exciting software enhancements that redefine noise-canceling wireless earbuds. In this review, we explore these new features, making it easier for AirPods Pro users to enjoy their music while staying connected to the world.

A Step Forward in Noise-Canceling

While the hardware remains largely unchanged, the 2nd Gen AirPods Pro introduces groundbreaking software features. These include Adaptive Audio, Conversation Awareness, and Personalized Volume. Together, they use AI and machine learning to create a more immersive listening experience.

Adaptive Audio: Your Safety Net

Adaptive Audio blends the outside world with active noise cancellation. It’s designed to ensure you remain aware of your surroundings in busy urban environments. While the effect is subtle, it prevents you from feeling completely isolated. Street noises and honks are discernible, offering a sense of safety.

When activated, a gentle chime indicates it’s on. While not perfect (BART announcements can still be muffled), it’s a step forward in noise-canceling tech.

Conversation Awareness: Seamless Interaction

For those returning to the office, Conversation Awareness is a game-changer. It reduces your music’s volume when it detects a conversation. No more fumbling with settings or removing your earbuds. It even slightly amplifies the conversation, making interactions natural.

However, it has a limitation—it doesn’t activate when someone talks to you; it kicks in when you speak. So, you might miss the first words in spontaneous chats.

Personalized Volume: Tailored Sound

Personalized Volume uses AI to adjust your audio based on historical preferences and external noise. While subtle, it ensures your volume remains healthy. It’s a thoughtful feature that saves your ears without you even realizing it.

Real-Life Use

In practice, these features aren’t flawless but add significant value. Adaptive Audio strikes a balance between noise cancellation and awareness. Conversation Awareness lets you chat without adjusting settings, though it might miss initial comments.

These features shine at the workplace, enabling smooth conversations without pausing music. However, be cautious when important information could be missed. At the taco truck, I wished I had taken out my AirPods for better context.

There are quirks too, like your music dipping when you sing or laughter triggering the algorithm. But these are minor inconveniences.


The 2nd Gen AirPods Pro may not warrant an upgrade for existing owners with functional devices, but they represent a significant step in noise-canceling technology. They show Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and hint at the future of wearables. As Apple pushes the boundaries of AI integration, the AirPods continue to be a key player in the evolution of personal audio.

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