TikTok Faces €345m Fine for Children’s Data Privacy Violations


Introduction: TikTok, the popular social media platform, finds itself in a precarious situation, as Irish regulators slap the company with a hefty fine of €345 million (approximately £296 million) for breaches of children’s privacy. These allegations revolve around TikTok’s handling of children’s data in 2020, particularly concerning age verification and privacy settings. This case represents the largest fine TikTok has ever received from regulators, casting a spotlight on vital questions about online privacy and accountability.

The Violations: The crux of the issue lies in how TikTok managed children’s data, especially with regard to privacy settings and age verification. Critics argue that TikTok’s practices lacked transparency, leaving young users vulnerable. For instance, accounts created by individuals aged between 13 and 17 defaulted to public visibility upon registration, exposing their content to anyone. According to the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), these practices contravened data protection rules and the principles outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

TikTok’s Response: In response to the fine, TikTok has expressed its disagreement with the decision, particularly objecting to the magnitude of the penalty. The company contends that many of the criticized features and settings were in place three years ago and have since been revised. For example, they point to the action taken to set all accounts of users under 16 to private by default, a change implemented well before the investigation commenced.

Implications of the GDPR: The fine was imposed by the Irish DPC under the EU’s GDPR privacy law, which sets forth stringent rules for data handling by companies. GDPR is designed to safeguard individuals’ data and privacy rights, with a particular focus on children and vulnerable users. The DPC’s findings underscore the paramount importance of transparency and responsible data processing in today’s digital age.

Path to Compliance: TikTok has been granted a three-month window to bring its data processing practices into full compliance with GDPR. This includes addressing the concerns related to children’s privacy and ensuring that the platform operates with heightened transparency.

Expert Opinions: Professor Sonia Livingstone, an authority on children’s digital rights, has welcomed the DPC’s decision. She emphasizes the necessity for platforms to treat users’ data fairly, especially the data of children, as privacy is considered a fundamental right. This decision reaffirms the imperative of safeguarding young users in the digital realm.

Comparison with Other Fines: While the €345 million fine imposed on TikTok is substantial, it pales in comparison to some other recent penalties. For example, Meta faced a €1.2 billion fine in May for mishandling data transfers between Europe and the United States. Nonetheless, TikTok’s fine significantly surpasses the £12.7 million penalty imposed by the UK data watchdog in April for allowing children under 13 to use the platform in 2020.

Conclusion: TikTok’s substantial fine serves as a stark reminder of the heightened scrutiny tech companies face regarding data privacy, particularly when it pertains to safeguarding children online. As TikTok endeavors to rectify its data handling practices, this case underscores the evolving landscape of digital privacy and the obligation of online platforms to prioritize the security and well-being of their users, especially the youngest among them.

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